Muelle Sur Multimodal Platform



The Muelle Sur Multimodal Platform, now a reality, was born as a strategic project for the Port of Huelva, which has been developed with the support of the CEF Programme (Connecting Europe Facility) of the European Union.

This Platform guarantees maximum connectivity and efficiency in the management of rail traffic with the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridor, as well as with Extremadura, being perfectly synchronised with the Majarabique rail terminal in Seville and with the Muelle Sur maritime terminal. In addition, this Multimodal Platform has a direct connection with Extremadura, thus completing the connectivity of this important railway hinterland.

The following figure shows the main characteristics of the Muelle Sur Multimodal Platform, showing the total orientation towards contributing to the efficiency of the operations carried out there.

This Platform, which has a direct connection with the future maritime terminal, is adapted to 750 m long trains and has a double track on slab design, connected to the track of the Huelva Port Authority’s railway facilities and the main roadways located next to the current Border Inspection Point (BIP).

Since its commissioning, more than 1,000 trains, the equivalent of 65,000 TEUs, have been operated at the Muelle Sur Multimodal Platform.

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The South Quay Multimodal Platform responds to the strategic lines established within the Strategic Plan 2012-2017 with vision 2022 of the Port Authority of Huelva and its overall objective is to contribute to making the Port of Huelva a port of reference in the European South Atlantic.