Majarabique constitutes for the Port Authority of Huelva an Intermodal Logistics Platform fully integrated with its maritime terminal, being considered a true extension of the same.

It is located in the northern area of Seville, in the municipalities of Seville and La Rinconada, adjacent to the SE-20 and SE-40 ring roads and the northern access to Seville, and forms part of the railway junction of Seville with Madrid and Extremadura, thus enabling direct and efficient rail connection between the hinterland of the Port of Huelva located in the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors and with Extremadura.


It is a priority for the Port of Huelva to continue consolidating, strengthening and specialising this terminal, as its position makes the Port of Huelva an even more attractive option for maritime routing of containerised rail cargo from the central axis (Cordoba, Linares, Castilla La Mancha, Madrid and Zaragoza) to Atlantic ports (Canary Islands, West Africa, Latin America and North-West Europe, among others), achieving optimised times and costs in the entire logistics chain.

Particularly noteworthy is the investment effort that the Port Authority is making in Majarabique and the Seville-Huelva railway section, which represents more than 3M€ in Majarabique and 11M€ in the railway section, with the creation of new sidings to speed up the transport of goods to their destination.


On 23 January 2017, ADIF and the Port Authority of Huelva signed a contract for the lease of a plot of land on which to develop a loading and unloading point for goods transported by rail at the Seville Majarabique facility, with a surface area of 23,400 m2.

The operation of this Railway Terminal was awarded by public tender to the company Termisur Eurocargo, S.A., which started its activity there in July 2017.

From then until today, the rate of container rail traffic from Majarabique to the Port of Huelva is close to forty trains per month, distributed in an average of twenty direct trains between Majarabique and the South Quay of the Port of Huelva, to which must be added the twenty trains per month coming directly from the hinterland of Madrid.

According to the business plan of the companies involved, the consolidation of this traffic is planned for the current year, with 30 direct trains per month between Majarabique and Muelle Sur, which would mean a total of 30 direct trains per month between Majarabique and Muelle Sur.

elle Sud, which would represent 75% of the container rail traffic in the Port of Huelva, all of which would be a decisive step in the consolidation of Majarabique as a key intermodal platform for the transport of goods in South-West Europe.

The strategic importance of Majarabique has encouraged the Port of Huelva to join the Andalusian Logistics Network in November 2020, with the interest of developing this Logistics Area of the Andalusian Regional Government, a project approved and declared of general interest by the Governing Council on 6 November 2018.




Three weekly frequencies

  • Majarabique – Port of Huelva

RENFE Multiclientes. Three weekly frequencies. Connection from Majarabique to:

  • Madrid Abroñigal
  • Barcelona Morrot
  • Tarragona Constanti
  • Bilbao Mercancías
  • Bilbao Noatum

A weekly frequency

  • Madrid – Majarabique – Port of Huelva