Liquid Bulk Terminal


The Port of Huelva is home to various bulk liquid terminals, in the so-called Outer Harbour. These terminals have the following characteristics:

  • Extension 3,5 km
  • Depth between 8 and 13m at low tide
  • 9 jetties
  • 13 berths
  • Some installations connected to the port’s inland network with more than 110km of pipelines, as well as to Spain’s gas and oil pipeline network, and the national rail network.

Among the energy liquids industries, the following stand out:

  • An oil refinery
  • Storage and transport of hydrocarbons and biofuels
  • Leadership in Liquefied Natural Gas:
  • 2nd regasification plant in Spain with the largest storage capacity (more than 600,000 m3), jetty for Large Scale and Small Scale services, and loading capacity of 50 tanks/day.
  • Truck-to-ship and ship-to-ship LNG bunkering services
  • Project for 2 LNG and CNG filling stations for lorries
  • LNG retrofitting project for the Huelva-Majarabique train locomotive.
  • LNG iso-container traffic from Huelva to Canary Islands
  • Sustainable Cold Logistics

Chemical liquids include acids and fertilisers.

While industrial liquids include oils, fats, greases, and other food liquids.

Thus, the Port of Huelva continues to grow in a sustainable manner in line with its environment, international trade and its port community, made up of the 2nd most important energy, chemical and industrial cluster in Spain.

Port of Huelva, Liquid Bulk Hub of Southern Europe.