Cold Hub



The Port Authority of Huelva, fully identified with the objective of maintaining a sustainable activity, a concept which of course includes the maintenance and preservation of the natural environment in line with its Strategic Plan, highlights all the actions related to the Huelva Port Cold Logistics Hub project.

 The Cold Logistics Hub of the Port of Huelva is a project encompassed within a framework of collaboration between the Port Authority of Huelva and the company Enagas, for the use of the residual cold produced in the regasification process. This process is carried out at the Enagas plant in Huelva for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), by means of which cold production is achieved at temperatures of up to -36 ºC with a saving of more than 60% of energy costs, for the use of this cold in warehouses that manage refrigerated goods. This improves the competitiveness of both the Port of Huelva and Enagás by making its regasification plant more efficient, as shown in the following image:


The Cold Hub will be located in the South Quay, next to the Ro-Ro container or rail terminal, and very close to the PIF. For this purpose, the construction of a cold pipeline is planned, which will connect the cold production centre (LNG terminal) with the Hub.

The Cold Logistics Hub of the Port of Huelva has an approximate surface area of 32,550 m2, with the possibility of future extensions, in the Muelle Sur Multimodal Platform, where cold stores will be developed for the management of temperature-controlled goods.

With this project, each consumer company is not responsible for the production of cold or the maintenance of traditional equipment (evaporators, refrigerant tanks, etc.), considerably reducing the usual costs of this type of process, making this a very attractive system for the operation of temperature-controlled goods warehouses.