documents produced and managed by the Port Authority of Huelva over the course of its history



The Archive is both the building that houses the documents produced and managed by the Port Authority of Huelva throughout its history, as well as the documents themselves and the service they provide to the administration, research and culture.

Its function is to collect, conserve, organise, safeguard and disseminate the Documentary Heritage, facilitating its access and consultation by interested parties, preserving the rights of the institution and citizens. We must also highlight its cultural dynamisation facet, by promoting the dissemination and knowledge of its history, which is the history of the city.


Reception and Documentation Centre

Avda. Hispanoamérica, s/n. 21001 – Huelva
Telephone: 959 49 31 00 – Fax: 959 49 31 01

Responsible: Ana María Mojarro Bayo
(Head of Archives, Documentation and Registry Division)


The Historical Archive of the Port of Huelva is located in the Reception and Documentation Centre, distributed over two floors, which make up the Archive, Library and Newspaper and Periodicals Library.

The Archive is where the archivists work, the consultation rooms and the document depository, where the historical collection of the institution is located, with more than 4,000 linear metres of shelving and some 9,000 files, organised and computerised.

Documentary collection: Classification table

1. Government

  • 1.1. Board of Directors
  • 1.2. Presidency
  • 1.3. Collegiate bodies

2. Works

  • 2.1. Spatial planning
  • 2.2. Electricity, water and sanitation
  • 2.3. Paving and urbanisation
  • 2.4. Dredging
  • 2.5. Civil works
  • 2.6. Railway elements
  • 2.7. Piers and docks
  • 2.8. Soundings

3. Conservation

  • 3.1. Electricity, water and sanitation
  • 3.2. Beaconing
  • 3.3. Paving and urbanisation
  • 3.4. Fleet
  • 3.5. Dredgers, hoists and winches
  • 3.6. Civil works
  • 3.7. Cranes and accessories
  • 3.8. Railway elements
  • 3.9. Piers and docks

4. Exploitation

  • 4.1. Police Station
  • 4.2. Invoicing
  • 4.3. Concessions

5. Address

  • 5.1. General registration
  • 5.2. Staff
  • 5.3. Recruitment
  • 5.4. Heritage
  • 5.5. Administrative files
  • 5.6. Archive
  • 5.7. Commercial

6. Administration

  • 6.1. Accounting
  • 6.2. Pagaduria
  • 6.3. Fundraising

The Archive currently has a database with more than 20,000 digitised photographs and is carrying out a similar project with the collection of plans, which is characterised by its quantitative and qualitative richness. Both can be consulted with the help of subject and topographical tables.


I. Port of huelva Fund

  1. Government
  2. Works and maintenance
  3. Exploitation
  4. Concessions
  5. Staff
  6. Incidents
  7. Aerial views
  8. Various

II. San Miguel Fund

  1. Artistic photography
  2. Places in Huelva
  3. Social events
  4. Hospital
  5. Bullfighting
  6. Various

Topographical table

  1. General
  2. Islands
  3. Inland port
  4. Outer port
  5. Punta Umbría
  6. Ayamonte
  7. Outside service area

The Port of Huelva Archive has a very interesting auxiliary Library and Newspaper and Periodicals Library, fully catalogued and computerised, which stand out for their technical port nature. Logically, as it is a maritime and port-related entity, the works that make up its bibliographic heritage are especially related to this subject: port installations, maritime transport, maritime law, docks, dredging, lighthouses, ships, fishing, etc.

There are also titles on the construction of docks, bridges… and, of course, on local and port history. Specifically, the Library is made up of more than 4,200 volumes. In addition, the periodical publications of the Port Authority of Huelva, more than seventy titles, are worthy of mention. It is also equipped with a complete collection of Official State Bulletins, formerly the Madrid Gazette, almost from the constitution of the Port Works Board, as well as Dictionaries and Dictionaries and Repertoires of legislation and jurisprudence. The entire collection can be consulted during normal opening hours.


  • Access to the Archive’s documentary holdings in the Consultation Room
  • Consultation of monographs and periodicals
  • Customer service by telephone, fax, post or e-mail
  • Advice to administration and research
  • Consultation rooms for up to 30 people
  • Computer workstations connected to the Internet
  • Power connection sockets for personal computers
  • Direct and special reading lights
  • Microfilm reader
  • Reprography
  • Assembly hall
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Work rooms
  • Guided educational visits
  • Dissemination through archival and institutional history publications

Access to the documents is free of charge, except for the restrictions established by current legislation and those derived from the state of conservation of the documents.

In order to consult the Archive’s collections, a request must be made stating the researcher’s details and the purpose of the study.

Consultation hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.



The Port of Huelva offers the possibility of access to its Archive.

Access will require the approval of the Port of Huelva, which will be communicated to the applicant. The visit must be made during the opening hours established by the Archive. The documents may be consulted, always following the indications of the personnel of the installations.

If you are interested in having access, please fill in the fields specified in the following form:



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Documentation of general interest

  • Rules for the operation of the historical collection of the Huelva Port Authority Archives.. Download pdf
  • Manual of recommendations for the organisation and operation of the archive system of State Ports and Port Authorities.. Download pdf
  • Ranking table. Download pdf

Documentation for internal use

Transfer sheet. Download pdf