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Relations with the social environment

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The Huelva Port Authority’s social commitment is manifested in initiatives to publicise the port’s activity and communications to local people, in courses of action to improve the port-city interface, and its work on a social responsibility policy committed to its immediate surroundings.

One instrument which publicises the port’s activities and communicates with the local people is the Huelva Port Reception and Documentation Centre, which also holds the Historical Records. It was built as a refurbishment of the old locomotive depot, and was opened in 2003. Its purpose is to publicise the reality of the Port, its work, future projects, its past and present social and economic importance, and its intention to continue to generate wealth as a key component of the local, provincial and regional economy.

In this regard, the Huelva Port Reception and Documentation Centre played an essential role in 2018, with seventy meetings, conferences and exhibitions organised with social and business groups. It was used by a total of 4,082 people, of which 1,690 were adult females, 2.095 adult males, 161 girls and 136 boys, and 13 external visitors.

In addition to cooperation with the events and companies mentioned in section I_34, there were other activities to open up and publicise the port’s facilities.

Specifically, there were a total of 47 trips with people visiting the port facilities in Catamaran and a total of 15 visits to the "El Rompido" and "Mazagón" lighthouses.

Visits to the Monument of the Faith of the Discoverer were stopped in 2019 pending its refurbishment work.

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