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Employment and job security in the port community

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Estimated total number of direct jobs generated by maritime freight terminals, passenger terminals and companies that provide port services (S_19)

As has been discussed in Indicator E_14, the Port of Huelva Economic Impact Study updated with 2018 data considered the rest of the port industry (shippers, freight forwarders, stevedores, moorers, tugboat services, etc.) within the impact group of the port industry. According to the data provided by this study that follows the methodology based on the 2010 Input-Output Framework of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, the total direct jobs generated by this group stood at 722.


Requirement for preventive measures and safety measures (S_20)

The Terms and Conditions for the approval of concessions or authorisations and the particular specifications of port services require companies to meet obligations of coordination of business activities in their capacity as managers of work centres, pursuant to the provisions of Law 31/1995 of 8 November on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards.

Companies wishing to operate at this Port Authority’s work centres must adhere to the procedures established for coordination of business activities, with external assistance detailed to monitor documents demonstrating the companies’ compliance (Coordination of Business Activities dispatches the HPA work centres’ risk assessments and issues requests to companies for their risk assessments for an effective exchange. Any special courses of action are also notified).


Mechanisms for the coordination of business activities (S_21)

In order to comply with the provisions of Article 11 g) of Royal Decree 171/2004 (“Designation of one or more parties to manage the Coordination of Preventive Activities”), the Huelva Port Authority has outsourced coordination of business activities to a specialist company which receives occasional information on the companies operating in the Huelva Port service area.

This technical assistance guarantees coherent responsible application of the principles of preventive action in port areas by the companies applying, proper application of work methods, checks of interaction between the various activities, especially when they may generate hazards that are deemed serious or that affect the safety and health of employees, and also adaptations to existing risks that may affect employees of the companies applying, and the measures applied to prevent them.

Outlay on coordination: 91,183.95 € including VAT


Total number and percentage of sea goods terminals and sea passenger terminals operated as concessions or with authorisations, and companies with licences or authorisations to provide port services or commercial services with an OHSAS system (S_22)

Total number and percentage of sea terminals and service companies operating an OHSAS system.

Type of terminal/service Total Nº with OHSAS system % with OHSAS system
Goods terminal 4 80%
Passenger terminal 0 0
Loading service 0 0
MARPOL waste collection service 1 50%
Technical-nautical service 0 0
Total port services 9 12.5%



Safety and protection training activities for the port community (S_23)

During this year, there were no training actions for the port community except for the planning and implementation of the marine pollution emergency combined exercises.

We also took part in a chemical risk drill with the Intervention Group of the Exterior Emergency Plan and the 061 emergency services.

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