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Communication projects and provision of services via Internet or other telematic means (I_32)

The Port Authority website offers a range of services to companies operating in the sector, users or other interested parties. The services are classified in accordance with the type of information required, specifically:

  • Arrangements for cruise visits (DUEWeb) and notification of hazardous goods (IMOWeb), services accessible from the Portal Community System (PCS), which is a one-stop facility to manage port operations.
  • Information on tenders, allowing bidders to download documentation and make their arrangements using the Contracting Party Profile.
  • Miscellaneous general information: corporate information, plans of the port, port services charges and rates, technical characteristics, tide table, port community companies’ contracts, etc.
  • Information on concessions, with all the data concerning locations at Huelva Port, surface area, operators of concessions, etc.
  • Comunication channel for suggestions and requests for general information on Huelva Port.
  • Access to the organisation’s electronic office is provided for electronic procedures.
  • Members of the Board of Directors are also provided with all the online documentation concerning Board meetings and Port Authority governance.
  • In addition to the electronic office, the Huelva Port Authority also has an invoice mailbox to enable them to be processed directly by the internal electronic administration systems.

As part of the corporate communication policy, the Press Office also uses the website to post all press releases in relation to projects, work and general activities of the Port Authority, since this is the most suitable tool to announce all relevant information concerning the HPA. In fact, all information appearing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn have links to the corporate announcement on the website.

Information on Cybersecurity

Huelva Port Authority has an operating continuity plan for information technologies that allows it to overcome possible attacks. It also has a best practices catalogue used to govern the functioning of the configurations and access procedures to the systems.

Furthermore, in 2019, alongside continuing the relevant maintenance of its different security and cybersecuity systems, Huelva Port Authority implemented improvements to the On-Premise backup copy system, increased the scope of the password centralisation system to be able to serve the whole workforce of the organisation, and embarked on the formalities to put the cybersecurity management and SOC services out to tender, and which is expected to be awarded during the first quarter of 2020.

Quality in providing services based on Information and Communication Technologies.

Huelva Port Authority has implemented a User Attention Services system, which guarantees the operating of the IT and Communications services. This service is managed using a Ticketing system used to obtain indicators to measure the quality of the service.

Furthermore, in 2019, the APH has incorporated its quality control indicators in a centralised tool for their control and monitoring, based on the reports obtained from the management tools.

On the other hand, and following an ITIL management model, the APH implemented a system in 2019 to monitor tasks in IT project, which will provide information on their management and which will provide feedback on the project management in a continuous improvement process.

Smart Port

In 2019, the APH prepared a call to tender (planned for the first quarter of 2020) for a data smart management platform. The main aim of the platform will be to integrate and process the data, guarantee the data capture from different sources (IoT, other applications, external sources, entry points, etc.) and the use of that information in the different APH internal processes, orchestrated through the BPM modules.

The aim of this platform is to be a Decision-Making Support System using real time data. This will facilitate the work of the Port Authority staff and will allow companies to know the status of their requests at any time. Furthermore, the platform will have an Open Data portal where new solutions can be integrated or new projects implemented.

The contract is planned to be awarded in the summer of 2020 and be in service in mid-2021.


R+D+i projects undertaken by the Port Authority (I_33)

In 2019, work started on setting up deploying Management System for Huelva Port Authority, by means of contracting a consultant to tutor and advise on knowledge management and fostering creative thought.

Work has continued to be carried out on the comparative study of the best available techniques for treating dredging sediments.

In July, the EULAC Ports-BioLink project was submitted to the LifeWatch-Eric call in order to undertake the setting up of a research and innovation hub into the biodiversity associated to the estuary, the possible impacts of climate change on the port, the resilience of the port territory, while always using state-of-the-art technologies.

On 11 June, the "I Port of Huelva Technological Innovation Symposium" was held at Las Cocheras del Puerto performance venue. During the event the Puertos del Estado "Ports 4.0" programme andthe 5G pilot project that Vodafone is running at the port, called the "Use of 5G technology for the smart management of freight in port environments" were showcased. There was also a presentation of different technological solutions for the port environment, presented by the companies, and a lecture on "The Digital Transformation" by Miguel Ángel Morcuende, from Gartner.

I Port of Huelva Technological Innovation Symposium


Foundations and socio-cultural initiatives backed by the Huelva Port Authority (I_34)

Huelva Port’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan looking forward to the year 2022 sets out the need to define the corporate social responsibility policy as one course of action to “Secure an acknowledged, appreciated and positioned image for the Huelva Port environment” as part of the strategic line “Relations with the surrounding area”. Work is now ongoing to boost this line by retrieving the Port-City Agreements.

This initiative instrumentalised the commitment set out in the Huelva Port Authority’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, which was approved in December 2013 by the Board of Directors and amended by the Board on 21 April 2016, with the needs of stakeholders in various areas of activity.

In 2019, the committee for the “Port-City Call” approved a total of 72 support applications from the 89 projects submitted, 20 of which were for the field of sports, 37 in the social area and 15 in the cultural scene.

A total of 200,000 € was allocated to these initiatives, or 0.47% of the total expenditure and repayments made by the Port Authority in 2019.


Projects to improve the Port-City interface (I_35)

The scenic centre “Las Cocheras del Puerto”, opened in 2011, continued to consolidate its role as a major cultural space in Andalusia in 2019. Different promoters organised a total of 63 institutional, technical, social and cultural actions and activities (congresses, symposiums, etc.) at its premises in 2019:

The full cost of the equipment, organisation and preparations for the events arranged by the Port Authority was 54,000 €, or 0.13% of the total planned expenditure and repayments by the Port Authority in 2019.

Different actions were implemented regarding the works related to the strategic line aimed at integration with the environment and specifically with the Port-City. These included the recovery of historical features such as the Monument to Colon or the implementation of an ideas contest to rebuild the Fountain of Nations, a monument that no longer exists but which used to be on the port domain. On the other hand, work began on remodelling Avenida Francisco Montenegro, an iconic landmark for the city and work on the Seafood City continued to progress.

As regards the Port-City Call, funding was awarded to 72 educational, social, cultural and sports entities, with 81% of the applications being successful. Furthermore, the port authority also collaborated with a further 76 entities in Huelva and its surrounding areas by sponsoring sport, cultural and social events, as part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy.


Economic resources employed for protection and security (I_36)

Following on from the project begun in the previous year to protect the Outer Port, we moved on in 2019 to the second phase of the perimeter security system. The goal of this phase is to to ensure the necessary standards of security and protection of the facilities. In particular, those required to comply with the implementation conditions indicated in the approval of the Port Protection Plan and contained as undertakings to be executed; according to the conclusions resulting from the protection assessment in the framework of the PBIP and the Critical Infrastructure legislation.

The following actions were implemented in this second phase of the projects started in 2018:

  • Continuing with the high security fencing from the Petroleros pier to the Minerales Wharf.
  • Fitting sensors on the remaining sections of standard fencing of the first phase of the project.
  • Installing 75 dome cameras, 28 thermal cameras with video analytics and 2 dual technology cameras. In order to provide surveillance and intruder alarm for the whole perimeter along with installing sensors on the fencing.
  • Completing the laying of fibre optic.

This second phase will be completed in 2020.

The economic cost of this second phase is €2,671,617.00

With regard to industrial security and response plans, it should be noted that this year is the last one of the Agreement between Huelva City Council and the Port Authority according to which the Council's Firefighting and Response Service (SEIS) is the Intervention Group both of the Self-Protection Plan and the Maritime Interior Plan.

In consideration for the aforementioned Agreement, and with respect to materials, the APH supplied the SEIS, intervention equipment to the tune of €47,622.55 and contributed €52,882.00 for the training actions requested.



Economic resources for protection of the environment (I_37)

The total economic resources (expenditure and investment) allocated to protection of the environment in 2019 were 8,922.78 €.

Environmental expenditure and investment
Environmental expenditure in thousands of € 1,498.76
Operating expenditure in thousands of € 42,465.73
% of environmental expenditure 3.53 %
Environmental investment in thousands of € 7,424.02
Total investment in thousands of € 20,457.63
% of environmental investment 36.29 %

The specific breakdown of expenditure and investment is as follows:

  • Collection of water on the wharves and laying the paving on the Ing. Juan Gonzalo and Ciudad de Palos wharves
  • Maintenance dredging
  • Widening of South Wharf paving
  • Wharf cleaning
  • Road Cleaning
  • Park and garden maintenance
  • Energy efficiency plan
  • Channel clearance and complex 4 environmental impact study
  • New techniques to manage dredged material

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