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The Huelva Port service area features some very different activities. Some of these are purely industrial, others are associated with industries, and others are related to the fishing industry.


Environmental conditions in the Particular Terms and Conditions of port services, in the conditions of approval and in concessions or authorisations (A_34)

The Terms and Conditions for concessions and terms of services are tools through which the Port Authority establishes specific environmental requisites. Some of these focus on the following aspects:

  • Reference to specific operating practices for checks on environmental aspects.
  • Requirement in relation to tidiness and cleanliness of work facilities.
  • Requirement in relation to waste management.
  • Control of soil pollution and decontamination in concessions.
  • Compliance with the general and specific legal requirements for the activity.


Environmental management systems at port facilities (A_35)

The SGMA degree of implementation in service providers and freight handling terminals was:

Total number and percentage of maritime terminals and service companies with an SGA implemented whose scope covers its whole activity:
Type of terminal/service Total Nº with EMS % with EMS
Freight terminal 5 100
Passenger terminal 0 0
Stevedore service 0 0
MARPOL service 2 100
Nautical technical service 0 0
Port services (others) 19 26.39

Manoeuvres on CEPSA's CALM mooring

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