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Sources of noise (A_18)

The possible sources of major noise pollution at Huelva Port are as follows:

Activity Order 9
Operations with scrap metal N/A
Other activities (indicate which) N/A
Industrial activity at concessions 1
Truck traffic 2
Ships at berth 3
Port machinery 4
Rail traffic 5
Construction work 6
Operations with containers 7
Movement at Ro-Ro terminals 8
Leisure facilities 9

9 The order of relevance is allocated from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest. NA , when Not Applicable


Complaints or reports of noise (A_19)

Huelva Port Authority has a specific procedure for receiving and managing noise complaints, which are channelled through the registry or by email through a special section of the website. Thus, any suggestion or complaint is formally registered and then sent to the relevant department to be managed in a timely fashion, along with the relevant answer to the user.

No complaints or reports of noise pollution caused by port activities have been received by the Huelva Port Authority over the last three years.

This is mainly because the service docks where solid bulk goods are loaded and unloaded are in the Outer Harbour, at some distance from population nuclei.

This is why the Huelva Port Authority has not made plans for a noise map to be drawn up, and has not taken any measures to control noise emissions in connection with port activity.

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