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The Port of Huelva consolidated its freight movement levels in 2015 and emerged as a touristic and logistic port with its new traffic.

The Port of Huelva continues to consolidate and diversify its traffic. The 2015 end of year data is proof of that and 27.4 million tons passing through. The Port of Huelva is in seventh place on the ranking of the Spanish port system, comprising 46 ports of general interest, managed by 28 port authorities.

As an energy and industrial port, the Port of Huelva, in terms of liquid bulk, is in a leadership position in the Spanish port system as it is fourth place nationally, with nearly 21.6 million tons loaded and discharged during the year, mainly crude oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas. 2015 was the year when the positive evolution of the new traffic – passengers and containers – could be seen. Nearly 50,000 people disembarked in Huelva, with cruise passengers accounting for 3,730 of them. The container traffic has grown tenfold in under four years and will be consolidated in the coming ones, with the recent installation of two gantry cranes, Panamax and Post-Panamax. These cranes will serve the container terminal located on the South Dock, whose intermodal capacity will be enhanced by a railway terminal in 2016.

The Port of Huelva is aware of its role as economic driving force of the province and the region, as a beacon attracting new investments and as a hub of the Basic Trans-European Transport Network.

The Chair of the Huelva Port Authority considers that fostering the port-society relationship will be one of the main objectives for 2016.  Showcasing the Port, its capacity to create wealth and employment, identifying it, with its tourist attraction, commercial, mining, energy and industrial actions, greater respect for the environment and with a firm commitment to sustainability are the pillars on which to base our commitment.

 Javier Barrero López
Chairman of Huelva Port Authority's 

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