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The Port of Huelva is at the present time one of the biggest logistic and industrial hubs and economical engine for the development of Huelva and the whole of Andalucía. A reference Port in the European South-west, a modern, proactive and very competitive Port.

As a result of this intense activity we have become one of the most important Ports in Spain and with a major projection for the future.

This is a fact and so it shows the record figures of the Port traffic with which we have closed 2016 annual exercise with a total of 30,5 millions of tones.  And so on we have the intention of improve on these figures this present year that will state our Port as one of the most relevant of the Ports Spanish System.

To be at the front of this Port Authority of Huelva for me is a passionate challenge with illusion but also with ambition. I know that to obtain this goal I count with the best active this company has: its human capital. A team of more than two hundred professionals highly enthused by the launch of new projects that inspire and motivate the diversification of the Port activity and the creation of opportunities for the economic development and social of its work environment, in  a sustainable development and respectful of the environment.

At this new stage, among my goals will be to promote this process of transformation towards competitiveness and intermodality in the Port of Huelva, which is already immersed, setting views to the outside and ahead to new challenges.  Port of Huelva should aspire to be part of the major logistic networks that encourages international market. We should continue with the transformation of the Port facilities to provide with infrastructure, facilities and services with an added value, through new projects as the Logistic Activities Area and improve connectivity , elements that could be an essential foundation to establish alliances and work together to be part of the Trans- European Transport Network, as one of the main hubs, and to offer services to the local business owners and the advantages in the whole group of logistic infrastructure of the added value that allows to improve the competitiveness of the companies.

For its condition of competitive settlement and economic engine, Port of Huelva is indispensable to social growing over its area of influence, to which is affected and conditioned by and moreover it nourishes itself and supplies material and human resources. This debt is reciprocal and of mutual interest and makes both Port and City understand each other, making possible that the Port and Citizens development goes along and work well together.

In this sense, we will carry on working to encourage the integration of the port in the city and vice versa, through the penetration of the tracks in the city without barriers, making of the environment an alliance that bonds with society  and its port, along with the support of talent from educational centers and the contribution of the city that has to be aware of the demands of the port and the industrial network that it belongs to, focusing its efforts on the assistance of future professionals that will work together at the port and its surroundings. Citizens of Huelva and all its province should know its port and feel it like their own, and allow this to be a reason for taking pride of it and for all people from the city of Huelva.

To summarize and as a next goal to approach at the port of Huelva, is the technological transformation and integration with the city in a direct relationship with citizens, with people, becoming a paradigm of creation, development and launch of innovative projects, also of people and teams with talent.

All this being sustainable and respectful of the environment as it has been until now. The integration port-city should also be made indeed at the aspect of environment, making disappear the transition between the protection of our surroundings both in the industry and the city. The local sphere should be the same and the environment requirements of the Port have to be competent for the coexistent with the citizens. Therefore, the environmental control at the port should go along with the control in the city and should find a model that combines Green Port with Green City.

Port of Huelva has to increase its role as an engine of thrust for the economic revitalization and the creation of employment on its area of influence, with the help of the rest of the social agents integrated in the city. Likewise, it should be a reference of capacity, innovation and continuing education to carry on achieving with success the challenges that contemplates the global and competitive market.


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