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By road

The Port of Huelva is accessible from the CN-431, from Seville to Portugal, or the A-49 motorway, through its urban section, by North and South, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Real Sociedad Colombina Onubense and de la Ría avenues. Two bridges over the river Odiel link the port area with Punta Umbria and other urban center of population in the coast, or interior, by the minor road that links Huelva, Corrales and Aljaraque.

Francisco Montenegro Avenue and the Bridge over the River Tinto link the interior quays with Huelva Exterior Port, which can be also reached from CN-431 and A-49 motorway by CN-441 and CN-442 and by the local roads H-623 to Moguer and H-624 to La Rabida.

Trafico Pesado road link through the Bridge over the River Tinto, the Exterior Port with the East ring road of the city and Sevilla-Ayamonte itinerary.

Extremadura region is communicated by CN-435 from Badajoz and Zafra to Huelva, which ends in San Juan del Puerto and links with A-49 and CN-431.

The above mention national and local roads and those from the Provincial Council are of flexible pavement in almost all the inter-urban itineraries with widths ranging between 5 and 14 m.

By train

The railway access to the Port of Huelva comes from a branch line of Huelva classification station, to where the line Sevilla-Huelva arrives and from which is linked as well with the Huelva-Zafra line.

From this branch line the service arrives to inner port industrial zone, west and east fronts, to Ing. Juan Gonzalo quay of the exterior port and to the associated industrial zone (Nuevo Puerto Industrial Estate, Refinery, etc...).

From the Zafra-Huelva line leaves the goods branch line Zafra-Jerez de los Caballeros through which the new Balboa iron and steel plant is supplied with scrap.

The distances from Huelva to the above mentioned railway centres are:

  • Huelva-Sevilla: 109 Km
  • Huelva-Zafra: 179 Km
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