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Ship Supply Facilities

Type of supply Location N. of points Hourly capacity of each point Hourly capacity of the quay Supplier
Liquid fuel Levante quay 6 Gasoil B 15 Gasoil B 90 CEPSA Estaciones de Servicio
Liquid fuel Petroleros quay 4 1,000 4,000 CEPSA
Liquid fuel Reina Sofía Terminal 1 IFO-180 Gasoil CEPSA
Lubricant M/T "Galileo J" 1 7 Luboil Sermalub
Liquid fuel Spabunker Sesenta 2 600 m3 HFO/GO Boluda Tankers
Water Levante quay 33 17 51 Amasur, S.A.L.
Water Petroleros quay 2 17 17 Amasur, S.A.L.
Water Minerales quay 5 17 34 Amasur, S.A.L.
Water Ingeniero Juan Gonzalo/Ciudad de Palos Quay 38 17 51 Amasur, S.A.L.
Water South Quay 14 17   Amasur, S.A.L.
Water Barge "Otani" 1 30   Amasur, S.A.L.

*Possibility to render any kind of supply by truck at facilities where the entrance of trucks is allowed.


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