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The Documentation and Reception Centre is located in the old locomotives shed, whose construction project was signed by Francisco Montenegro in March 1909 and approved by Royal Order of 9 July 1910. Of all the proposals that were submitted, that of Thomas Morrison and Co. Ltd. of Huelva was accepted for 86,470 pesetas of that period and the final reception took place in February 1913. The building measured 36 m long and 24 m wide. Rails were fitted along the engine sheds to transfer the locomotives to their storage point. To place them in position, there was a transfer device that received them and transported them along the central track.

In July 2003, the refurbished building was opened, inspired by the port's industrial activity. The refurbishment maintained the structure and front, both of significant architectural value, and the necessary repairs were made. Three large areas were defined in the new design: a large open space used as an exhibition area; a central location with an assembly hall with a capacity for 76 seats and the corresponding audio-visual systems; and an interior structure on two floors for an archive and library.

Opening times

The opening times for the Documentation and Reception Centre of the Port of Huelva for all events will be:

  • Mornings: From 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • August: Closed.


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