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This multipurpose centre was opened by the Port Authority of Huelva in October 2011 after refurbishing an old port warehouse built in 1912. The building, which corresponds to industrial architecture from the beginning of the last century, has an area of 730 m² with movable seating with 256 seats. The area has also been adapted for persons with hearing difficulties.

Accordingly, the port meets its commitment to continue its integration in the city and its participation in city life through the organisation of cultural and social events.

The Engine Sheds of the Port of Huelva represent an innovative, modern cultural area to be enjoyed by the city and the province.

The adaptation of the engine sheds is the result of an agreement signed by and between the Regional Department of Culture of the Government of Andalusia and the port authority. It has included the installation of seating, the reinforcement of the foundations, the soundproofing of the ceiling, the removal of some of the central columns and the installation of climate-control, lighting and sound equipment. The budget for the work was in excess of 3.3 million euros; €450,000 were put up by the Regional Department of Culture and the rest has been financed by the Port Authority.

The old warehouse is the second of the buildings the APH has in the Municipal Park of Zafra: two sheds of significant heritage interest designed in 1909 by the then director of the port of Huelva, Francisco Montenegro, and built in 1911 and 1912, used as engine and locomotive sheds and a warehouse for the port of Huelva.


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