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III Workshop Intermodal Platform Port of Huelva

Las Cocheras

29 October 2019

Introduction and workshop objectives

The Project 'Intermodal Project of the Port of Huelva', co-financed by the European CEF Program (Connecting Europe Facility) and with a duration from 2016 to 2020,  is part of the '2012-2017 with a vision to 2022 Strategic Plan of the Port of Huelva', which global objective is to turn the Port of Huelva into the south-atlantic European port of reference, not only in the energetic and hydrocarbons sector, minerals or agri-food bulks, but also adding value to all its potential in other economic sectors and associated goods from efficiency and environmental respect. 

Additionally, this project pretends the promotion of the Port of Huelva role in the great European corridors of goods,  main highways through which the great logistics chains of Europe run, also to connect with other third countries. Port of Huelva Intermodal Platform has been a relevant element taken into account by de European Commission with regards to the inclusion of the Port of Huelva in the Trans European Transport Network Atlantic Corridor.   

In this context, Port Authority of Huelva organizes the workshops "Port of Huelva: Intermodal Platform of  South-Atlantic Europe" as a set of four events to be held in their venue annually. 

Under the title:  "Eficiency and Sustainability", this III Workshops is focused on the following contents: 

  • Development of new alternative energies (LNG) and its application to the different means of transport, stimulating the development of optimized and sustainable logistics chains. Special importance will be given to the initiatives carried out by the Port Authority of Huelva, among which the CORE LNGas hive, HIVE2, ECO-Gate and the Cold Logistics Hub projects stand out.
  • Know the commitment of the Balearia and Fred Olsen alliance with regards to LNG as an alternative fuel, specifically in the new maritime extension of the Atlantic Corridor: Huelva - Canary Islands.
  • Learn how to contribute to the current European funding programs CEF (Ease of connection of Europe) in relation to its specialization in the Autopistas del Mar (MoS) in the Atlantic Atlantic within the new approach of the Atlantic Corridor, strengthening the connection of Huelva with the Canary Islands and emerging markets (West and South Africa).
  • Consolidate a network platform in the Port of Huelva among the main agents in logistics and transport, companies, industries and institutions.
  • To present new opportunities in the area of ​​maritime connectivity between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and its terrestrial continuity through the intensive use of the railroad through the Intermodal Platform of the Port of Huelva.








08:45h  Registration.

09:15 - 09:30h  Welcome. Ms. María del Pilar Miranda Plata- Port Authority of Huelva President.

09:30- 09:35h     Video projection of Intermodal Platform.

09:35-10:15 Opening Session.

•             Prof. Carlo Secchi - European Atlantic Corridor Coordinator.

•            Mr. Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio - Port Authority of Huelva Director.

•            Mr. Jorge Ballesteros - Deputy manager Railway planning. Ministry of Public Works.

10:20– 10:50h    Coffee break.

10:50- 11:40h     Efficient and Clean fuel transport chains in Atlantic Corridor.

Moderator:  Mr. Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio - Port Authority of Huelva Director.
•            Mr. Manuel Vega- Commercial Manager Port of Huelva. 

•            Mr. Fernando Impuesto - Enagas Emprende General Manager.

•            Mr. Eduardo No -  Logistics and Operations Manager. RENFE Mercancías.

•            Mr. David Fernández -   Director of the European Consortium ECO-GATE. Nedgia.

11:45- 12:30h     Atlantic Corridor development in the Southwestern Europe through Motorways of the Sea.

Moderator: Prof. Carlo Secchi - European Atlantic Corridor Coordinator.

•             Mr. Jaroslaw Kotowski -  INEA Senior Project Manager MoS and ERTMS.

•             Mr. Antonio Góngora- Intermodality and Logistics Manager. Ports of Spain.

•             Mr. Jaime Beltrán - Business Development Manager. Port of Huelva.

12:30- 13:15h     Shuttle bus to the Intermodal Platform and to Balèaria & Fred. Olsen's Express LNG Ship.

13:15- 13:45h     Balèaria & Fred. Olsen's Express strategy regarding LNG into Huelva- Canary Islands route.

•             Mr. Adolfo Utor- President. Balèaria 

13:45- 15:15h     Visit and light lunch during the stay on LNG Ship.

15:30h     Bus departure to the venue.


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