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Chair the Port of Huelva is an honor and a challenge for me. An exciting project. Being at the forefront of an ancient port, linked historically to the city and the province, which gave out the copper from the mines. So much so that the history of the city of Huelva and its province has been developed in parallel with the evolution of the Port of Huelva.

One of my main goals will focus on continuing the Port even closer to society through their access to the estuary. I am convinced that it will soon be a reality by opening the Paseo de la Ria and the refurbishment of the fish market and around the pier north Levante, which will help enable citizens to enjoy a large balcony overlooking the Odiel river and its confluence with the Tinto river.

The Port is the heritage of Huelva. Therefore, we aspire to manage in the best way possible. Absolute transparency in our management will be an unswerving target. The information and communications technology, such as our website, will become key tools to broadcast all onubenses know contracts and administrative procedures carried out in the port.

This move towards the opening of the Port of Huelva, will go parallel to the development of new targets in the Strategic Plan of the Port of Huelva 2012-2017, with a vision to 2022, and continue working to open new business lines focused on container traffic and general merchandise (ro ro) and cruise vessels.

However, one of my objectives will be to improve the competitiveness of traffic already consolidated as energy liquid bulk, petroleum and natural gas especially, as well as bulk solid minerals, chemicals and cereals.

Javier Barrero López
Chairman of the Port of Huelva

Likewise, we will continue looking at takeoff mining in the province to become a major hub of metal mining with the southern extension of Engineer Juan Gonzalo pier, which is already in motion an ambitious project loading, unloading and blending of ore.

Thus, we aim to consolidate the Port of Huelva as a global logistics hub in the context of major global shipping routes and within the Trans- European Transport Network.

All this without forgetting our commitment to being a green port, respectful of the environment. A challenge we have always considered an opportunity due to our proximity to the Odiel Marshes Nature Reserve.

I take this opportunity to thank the former presidents of this institution, especially the recent president, effort and dedication in managing the Port of Huelva, with the involvement of the entire team that is part of it.

Therefore, I wish to continue promoting, with the help of the all team of the Port Authority of Huelva, a modern port, proactive, seeking excellence in management and will continue focusing its efforts to exert such as economic engine of the region , favoring the growth of industry, tourism and labor market development.

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